Sad and Wonderful News


How can a piece of news be both sad and wonderful at the same time? Well pull up a pew, for this is how:

After an extremely busy 2014, and a number of large but exciting challenges coming up in 2015, I have taken the sad decision to give up running #PostCircle. When I set it up on a whim almost two years ago I had no idea it would grow to the size it has, and I couldn’t be more proud. We have gained  hundreds of members from all over the world, created hundreds of friendships and generated hundreds of smiles  through happy post. The problem is that a lot of administrative work goes into keeping the project running, and unfortunately I just no longer have the time. I’m very sad to be letting it go.

…But the wonderful news? I couldn’t be more pleased that my superstar #PostCircle Angel, Annee has agreed to take #PostCircle over, and make it her own. Annee has been a wonderful support since she volunteered for the project a year ago; she’s made many of the admin processes run more smoothly and has been so efficient. I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather hand the project onto.


So it’s goodbye from me – I’ll be spending the extra time on writing for this blog and tackling everything 2015 has in store. And please welcome Annee McBride, your new #PostCircle host! Annee has just created a shiny new #PostCircle Twitter account, so hop over and give it a follow

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