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    Why I’m Glad I Spent Twenty Years as a Bad Knitter

    Why I'm Happy I Spet Fifteen Years as a Bad Knitter

    It’s no secret that I have fallen head over heels in love with crochet. It took me a long time (oh such a long time!) to learn, which is to say I made several attempts but didn’t actually break through and make the time to nail it until nearly a year ago. Since then I have found myself buying crochet mags, pinning dreamy crochet images, crocheting in my breaks at work and staying up late to master the lingo. Obsessed, I tell you.

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  • seasonal affective disorder

    A #BashSAD Roundup

    #BashSAD Fruit Smoothie

    Well, I think that was possibly the most energised and productive October I’ve ever had. I loved the October Bash SAD Challenge!

    Yes, there were days where I had to swap things round a little because, for example, it was raining cats and dogs and eating lunch outside wasn’t an option. And there was the day I took my smiley selfie but then my laptop died and I couldn’t share it. Boo.

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  • creativity

    Beat the Winter Blues: Time to Journal


    I have been keeping a journal, on and off, since I was fifteen. I think I started to keep one in the first place because writing was my original craft, and everyone used to tell me that it was one of the best ways to flex those writing muscles. It was also a good way for teenage me to pour out all those complicated adolescent emotions. Most importantly, though, was the desire to keep a record of my life. The memory plays tricks, you know. I read my old journals now and think, ‘no… that didn’t happen at that time of the year, did it? I thought that happened when I lived there, not there.’ It’s really interesting to read back and realise how my use of language has changed, my handwriting has changed, even the format in which I write the date has changed, and read about the things that were important to me then – a decade ago, or a couple of years ago – compared to now.

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  • seasonal affective disorder

    The Tea With Miss Beatrix October SAD Bashing Challenge… Let’s Do This!


    In this post I shared vague plans for putting together a challenge similar to the 30 Day Ab Challenge in the name of getting into positive, Seasonal Affective Disorder-beating habits in time for the cold, dark months ahead. I absolutely love Autumn and Winter, but unfortunately they don’t like me, and I become down, sleepy and sluggish until the sun shines once again. You can read more about my journey with SAD here and here.

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    A Miniatures Crafting Workshop

    Tea With Miss Beatrix How to Make a Hat Blue


    Tea With Miss Beatrix How to Make a Hat Burgundy

    Tea With Miss Beatrix How to Make a Hat Orange

    Tea With Miss Beatrix How to Make a Hat Silver

    On Tuesday I spent a lovely evening with the ladies of Kelham Island WI, delivering a workshop on making miniature hats! I began the evening with a talk about how I came to fall into the wonderful world of dolls’ houses and miniatures, and then, after getting some decorative ideas from my hats above, everyone got stuck into a spot of mini millinery.

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  • nostalgia

    Pretty Nostalgic Magazine Regenerates

    Pretty Nostalgic

    Like Dr Who my very favourite magazine has regenerated into a beautiful new form, with a new vision. For Pretty Nostalgic has become… a society. Just a couple of months ago Nicole Burnett, Pretty Nostalgic’s founder and editor, thought that her beloved publication would have to come to an end. Copies were selling well, but the world of independent magazines is tough, and unfortunately good sales were not good enough to secure its future.

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  • Books

    Reading Lately


    I can’t tell you how happy I still am to be back in a reading phase after a couple of years of having the attention span of a distracted moth. I decided not to make these ‘books I have read’ posts regular because I simply don’t know when I am going to get time to read, but luckily, the last couple of months have been kind on that score – I’ve done lots of reading in my lunch breaks and on lazy Sunday mornings.

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  • crafts

    Latest Craft Make: Thrifty Hanging Fish

    Fish on Deck

    Hanging Fish 2

    I got the idea for this make when I paid a visit to the ladies’ loos at the Hope & Elvis studio a few months ago! There was a version much larger than this hanging on the WC door, and it made me smile.

    It’s been ages since I got my sewing machine out, so this made a nice, easy way to get back into it. I drew out the shapes for my fish, selected contrasting fabrics, and added rice to the stuffing to give them some weight. Some leather thread and a curtain ring later, and there they were, and this time, without a penny spent.

    They now hang happily on my bedroom door, adding some much needed nautical flair!


  • vintage

    The Linen Cupboard

    Linen Cupboard Pin Cushion

     “‘Do you know I like this room most of all in my baby house,’ added Meg, a minute after, as they went upstairs and she looked into her well-stored linen closet. Beth was there, laying the snowy piles smoothly on the shelves and exulting over the goodly array.” ~ Little Women

    I have always loved the concept of the ‘linen cupboard’. The idea reminds me Gosford Park, of the laundry lists in Northanger Abbey, Mrs. Tiggywinkle’s house; full of steam and industrious ironing.

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  • creativity

    11 Ways to Add Creative Magic to Your Journey to Work

    11 ways to add creative magic to your journey to work with Tea With Miss Beatrix

    Ah, the daily commute. I worked out recently that at the moment  I spend between five and seven hours a week driving to and from the day job. And that’s nothing compared to some. AND I am a pretty enthusiastic driver – as in, I love having a car  and feel very lucky. But there’s no denying that up to seven hours a week behind the wheel – driving the same route with just a few hours in between before it all starts again – can get incredibly dull. I had started to hate my journey. Even worse, I am a morning person, but my sleepy lull time of day is exactly the time I drive home from work… and that makes me even more grumpy, and less alert too.

    Being a creative sort, I decided to bring creativity to my commute, and now, yes! I do look forward to getting in the car every morning!

    Here are my tips for adding some creative magic to your work journey – whatever form of transport you use:

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  • Bea/ British nature

    Caught in My Element

    photo (94)

    The grey clouds soon released an almighty deluge. We happened to be crossing over a dam at the time, half a mile long, above the water line of the reservoir we were skirting by some metres, and completely exposed on both sides. The furthest possible point on our walk. Within seconds the left side of my body was soaked. I hobbled along, jeans clinging to my legs and with a dripping, mud sodden dog galloping along by my feet, the water streaming off her ears.

    At one point we both steered ourselves against the wind to make eye contact – just the one eye, in my case, having lost the use of one to water and mascara – each checking up on the other. I had a massive, daft smile on my face, and couldn’t help but laugh. I swear Bea grinned back. Then it was heads down as we pressed on, heading for a distant patch of sunshine.

    Tea With Miss Beatrix Bea

  • journaling/ writing

    My Travel Journal

    Tea With Miss Beatrix Travel Journal Venice

    Tea With Miss Beatrix My Travel Journal

    When I set off for three weeks’ travel around Eastern Europe and Italy in 2007 I was a student, and studying for an English degree meant that taking a shiny new travel journal to document my journey was a no brainer.

    And for me, seven years later, this book has come to represent the pure magic of journaling and creativity combined. Of course I took hundreds of photos (and lost one full memory card in Prague, I seem to recall, damn it), but 2007 was before a time where we were all posting everything we saw to social media. I wasn’t on Facebook. There was no Instagram. We didn’t snap selfies for instant gratification. All I had was a real burning need to record my experience for my future self in the way I still know best – in writing. And my future self, as it turns out, is incredibly grateful.

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