On Sundays We Explore


Every weekend Bea and I make sure we get out and about for a couple of long walks. It makes up for the necessarily shorter walks on weeknights, and does us both good to have time off the lead – for Bea, literally, and for me, away from time constraints the inevitable ‘stuff to do’ of the average weekday.




More recently I’ve tried to add another dimension to these walks and do a spot of exploring. We go, whatever the weather, and take my camera, and while Bea is off sniffing and investigating, I’m off practising my photography, and generally trying to take note of those minute changes happening in the landscape as the seasons sweep on.



Even on the wettest day of the year so far a couple of weeks ago, I returned home full of fresh inspiration for new button designs and embroidery projects, with my new wellies thoroughly tested and a smile on my face. We must have looked a disheveled pair on the last stretch home along the main road, but despite the water streaming from my hair and Bea’s ears, the squeak in my boots and the knowledge that Bea was going to require The Bath to End all Baths, you can guarantee we’ll always be planning the next expedition.




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