Latest Crochet Make: Weather Baby Mobile

Weather Baby Mobile

Apparently there’s some sort of rule hanging around the blogosphere these days that you shouldn’t start a post by apologising for bad photography. Perhaps that’s because it’s no longer acceptable to post non-Pinterest worthy photography in the first place. Sadly, finding a time window of daylight at this time of year is a wholly tricky business, and the images in this post were taken in a ten minute slot where I could leave the house a little later because I had an early morning dental appointment. So they aren’t images to be proud of, but as long as you can see what they are photos¬†of, we’ll say no more about it.

Smiley Sunshine

So, I spotted the pattern for this baby mobile on Pinterest about a year ago, and I’ve been waiting for someone – anyone – I know to announce a pregnancy so I’d have the perfect excuse to make it. Hurray, for that excuse came in the form of a work colleague announcing he was to become a first time dad, and it was off to the local yarn shop I shot.

Rainbow crochet baby mobile

I think this is the first 3D thing I have crocheted, but I loved making it. I love its gender neutral appeal and how it’s sure to add a pop of cheerful colour to any nursery. I declared that everything I crochet from now on shall have eyes and a smile (bit weird: can you image wearing smiley gloves that stare at you?) because the world just seemed a happier place when I made a happy sunshine.

The rainbow went a bit squiffy because no matter what I did, one end came out slanted. That took a few attempts and in the end I decided to sort it out at the sewing together stage. Luckily the pattern was robust and it looked fine without my interfering by the time it was finished.

Happy Crochet Raindrop

Anyway, I’ll definitely be making another one of these for a mum-to-be friend with a penchant for smiley faces on random things. Plus the project only uses a little yarn of each colour so it makes sense to keep going and make more! I used acrylic yarn because it’s more washable when hygiene particularly counts.

If you fancy having a go at making some merry weather of your own the pattern is here.

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