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Latest Button Commissions

Bee Earrings

I’m making a conscious effort in 2015 to share more of the ongoing story behind my little button-making business with you. It’s an odd hobby/enterprise choice; people always require me to repeat myself when I mention what I do ‘on the side'; “You make what? Buttons? Really?!” Never fails to make me smile.

Buttons hold such a place of affection in our culture, and indeed cultures around the world. They might not be something you give much thought to as you go about your average week – buttons are small and unassuming tools, after all, but they have been around for thousands of years, and I challenge you to show me someone who has never used one. We crafters lust after them like crack and store them in pretty tins and jars. Mmmm….buttons…

Buttons are utilities, decorations, keepsakes and pieces of social history. And for me, the designs I hand paint onto the buttons I make hold greater significance still. Each one makes it onto a button for a reason; whether because it represents my love of British nature, the custom of drinking tea from a good old fashioned teapot, or my love of the sea.

Anchor Hair Bow

Commissions are particularly interesting concepts to me. It’s my handmade button, my style of painting, but your choice of design. There can never be another like it. And I love that idea.

Top: A pair of small button earrings with hand painted bees. I really wanted each bee to look different, and it’s rare for me to paint something so detailed onto my 11mm buttons.

Middle: Teaming handmade buttons with crochet was a new project of 2014. This anchor hair bow was created to be worn on the right, not left. My own anchor obsession continues!

Bottom: I had a request for eight crochet design buttons, this time…. in purple!

Purple crochet buttons

Other past commissions and designs are in my button gallery.


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