The Happy Jar

Tea With Miss Beatrix Happy Jar 2015

The Happy Jar is in its third year in my house, and has quickly become one of my favourite New Year traditions. I forget which fabulous blogger gave me the idea in 2012, or whether it was many bloggers, but it’s a brilliant one.

Tea With Miss Beatrix Happy Jar 2014

Tea With Miss Beatrix Happy Notes2

The concept is so simple. Each time something makes you happy, write it down on a slip of paper and pop it in the Happy Jar. You can also include ephemera such as tickets or notes from friends, dried flowers from a lovely walk or the recipe for the cake you enjoyed on your birthday.

At the end of the year you get to empty out the jar (I keep dried lavender in mine so it always smells nice, too!) and reminisce over all those happy moments. If you’re anything like me you will have forgotten most of them, or exactly which month they occurred.

Tea With Miss Beatrix Happy Jar 2013

2013 was a really hard year for me, and not one I would have consigned to the personal history book as my happiest at all. But it’s funny how so far, that was the year my Happy Jar was most full. Perhaps adversity made me appreciate those small moments and kindnesses more, and look harder for the happy times.

Do you keep a Happy Jar? Now’s the time to start!

5 thoughts on “The Happy Jar

  1. I started keeping a Happy List in 2014, rather than a jar, because it was the perfect excuse for a new notebook and easier to keep afterward . Last year I reached 2,302 happy things (!) and I’m aiming to beat that in 2015 :) xxx

    • Woooow, 2,302 happy things! Brilliant! I do love a new notebook. I’ve put all of 2014’s slips in an envelope, sealed it, and I’ll leave it among my books for a future family member to find. xx

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