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    Food Photography at the School of Artisan Food

    Crumbly Vignette

    Yesterday I went on a course called An Introduction to Food Photography at the School of Artisan Food at Welbeck in Nottinghamshire. I’m always ogling what the school is up to on Twitter, and because I work in food marketing and spending more time creating beautiful photographs of chocolate is high on my work agenda… well, it would have been rude not to snatch up the opportunity when it arose! Especially as Welbeck is only twenty minutes’ drive from my house.

    Our tutor for the day was the lovely and talented Joan Ransley, who built up the course from camera settings to composition to practical exercise and then onto feedback, when we tentatively uploaded our day’s work for inspection.

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    #simplepleasureschallenge January

    One of my plans for this year is to enjoy the simple pleasures more. The little things. Those uncomplicated, often free, things and moments that make me smile and help me appreciate what I have around me, both on good days and bad. And then I decided to photograph these moments, because let’s face it, come Christmas I won’t remember that half an hour I spent messing around with washi tape or that walk on that day. Now I can! Along with my happiness jar I’ll have all sorts of spiffing moments to look back on by the end of the year. These images are some of my favourites from January.

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    A Guest Post by Beatrix

    Hello! Beatrix here. Anna is rushed off her feet this week (easily done as she only has two), as she’s opening an Etsy shop on Thursday as well as going to work (which pays for my food) so I thought that seeing as this blog is named after me and everything, I’d volunteer to hold the fort here today while she gets on with it.

    I know you’re dying to know what I’ve been up to over the weekend, so I’ll tell you.

    Anna has been making doggie bandannas from vintage fabric, and here I am trying one on. 

    I went on a lovely Autumn walk. There were lots of interesting smells and I snuffled and rolled around in the leaves. This is only my second Autumn and I can’t really remember the last one, so it’s very exciting for me. 
    I wore my hand-knitted jumper, as it was quite chilly. As you can see from this picture I am on a lead, which I often wear on walks to stop Anna getting lost. She often wanders off so it’s my job to look after her. 
    While on this walk we met this. I think it’s some sort of water-bound dog, but can’t be sure. Apparently his name is Thomas, and he and his wife make a nest on this canal every year. 
    I know some of you like vintage, so here’s a photo Anna showed me of her great great Grandpa Salter from 1933, and his prize-winning dog, Kiss. I’ve got a kiss on the end of my name, but I think this is our only similarity. I like sitting on benches too, because then I can see the world as humans do. Apparently this dog won so many prizes that all the trophies were melted down and made into a silver tea service, which Anna’s grandmother still has on display today. I won ‘cutest pup’ at a dog show last year for sitting nicely and making my ears look extra specially big. 
    After all that I was worn out, so settled down for a good old snooze…
    …Well, until Anna rudely woke me up…
    I’ll be back on Wednesday with my special recipe for dog biscuits – perfect if you’re making all your Christmas presents like Anna is this year. Because we all know which present is the most important, don’t we?
    Bea. x

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    Snapshots of Life Recently

    Clockwise: * First blackberries of the year (these went in a pie) * My cousin’s lovely handmade wedding, complete with Zimbabwean bunting and Northumbrian tartan (and my first wedding) *  Poppies are so emotive yet delicate and vibrant * An ancient oak tree snapped on a dog walk *
    Clockwise: * Fairytale-like mushrooms hiding in the undergrowth * A beautiful sunny tree avenue where I like to go to think and write * Amber with marigolds * Mint iced mocha and a good book *
    Clockwise: * Alfie is always happy to pose * An embroidered Beatrix card I made for my parents’ wedding anniversary (not cross stitch this time!) * Pressed flowers and washi tape – a fun combination * Making a game pie for Pretty Nostalgic magazine (and wearing a jumper in a vain attempt to pretend it was Autumn at the time) * 

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    How to Make Letter Paper With Fabric

    Here’s an idea I’ve been playing around with a lot now that it’s getting harder and harder to source pretty writing paper for a reasonable price in the shops. Email seems to have done away with it! I still write a lot of letters to friends; I think it’s an art we need to keep alive, and I don’t know a soul who doesn’t enjoy receiving lovely post, especially post that’s been thoughtfully put together and personalised just for them.

    So being unable to get hold of writing paper one day, and not having a whopping £15 to spend on the sets I liked online, I decided to make my own. The beauty of this is that you can make your paper in exactly the style to fit your recipient’s personality, and you can just make one sheet at a time, or lots! You can also use this method to make small sheets of wrapping paper.

    First, choose your fabric… any fabric you like!

    Don’t worry about your fabric being ironed, or cut perfectly into a square, or completely flat – you want your finished paper to have personality. I actually wanted my friend to know I’d made the paper just for her, so I made sure there were imperfections! Seams, hems, creases and frays all look great.

    Then all you need is a scanner attached to your computer. Pop your fabric in. Again, you want it straight enough so that you don’t end up with white spaces on the page around your design, but perfectly lined up patterns isn’t what we’re aiming for here.

    While your scanned fabric photo is on the computer screen, make any changes you want to. I often fade my design slightly so that my writing shows up against the background better. You can also add a letterhead design or a ‘PTO’ or other quirky something, like below:

    And that’s it! You can come up with sorts of patterns and designs. I’ve made quite a few now and have had lots of fun coming up with different combinations.

    You can make a really special love letter…
    Or make a set in complimentary colours, package them up, and give them as a gift to a writery friend…
    You could even make paper to send to your sidekick to let them know you’re close to solving a crime!
    Well perhaps not…
    Have lots of fun making your paper! What do you think?
    Ever yours,