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    A Tweak to Creatives Unite


    …Aaaand another change to announce. Lots of us have been setting ourselves creative goals and challenges with the start of a new year. I’d like to finish a granny square blanket I started months ago, and stop stockpiling white cotton thread “because you can never have too much”, when it turns out that, in actual fact… you can.

    One change I’m bringing in to my crafty creative world is to take Creatives Unite back down from two hours to one. We’ve all become so busy over the last year that the number of us able to join in each week – myself included – has been reducing, and I think that as well as all the commitments modern life brings, that this is down to being too tired for two hours’ crafting, as much as anything else.

    So let’s make it more manageable. From 8-9pm every Thursday, I’m aiming to work on a creative project, and really hope as many of you as possible will join me on Twitter, to work on a project of your own, chat with fellow friendly creative types, and enjoy a scrumptious something. (I think Maltesers win “Treat of Choice 2014.”)

    See you there!