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    The Project


    I love a project, I do. I remember vividly being at school and doing a project for Music on the composer Haydn. If my teacher had used the word ‘homework’ – which it was – I wouldn’t have been interested. Homework was something that just had to be done and got out of the way. But because she called it a project, well, let’s just say that by the time that project was handed in a couple of weeks later it was in its own special ring binder, and even had a cassette {old school} taped to the front of the folder with music clips that corresponded to different parts of the text within. Geek? Yes. OTT? Oh yes. But proof that if you want me to do a job well you have to call it by the magic P word? I think so.

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    Interview With Elena of Randomly Happy

    Everyone, if you haven’t already, you need to meet Elena. 

    I first came across Elena’s gorgeous blog, Randomly Happy last year, and have been repeatedly bowled over by her fresh photography style, chipper writing tone and innovative sewing how-tos. If like me you dream of being able to whip up snappy outfits on your sewing machine, Elena’s your woman. Her blog also oozes modern, creative inspiration, all with a dash of Italian flair.

    I’ll hand you over!


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