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Anna Burnell in a Field Sunglow



Okay, just to clear up any confusion – I’m not Beatrix – I’m Anna! I’m a button maker and wellies-with-a-dress wearing twenty-something living in Yorkshire, UK. Just outside Sheffield, to be precise. And round here, it’s usually tea time.

Alongside running this site and its associated projects, I love multi-crafting, making buttons, devouring books, walking and well… drinking tea. I have a 9-5 job in marketing for a chocolate company (!) and am a proud member of Kelham Island WI.

So, just who is Miss Beatrix, you may ask? This is she…


176photo (86)

She’s my partner in crime, my best friend and my creative muse. She’s also the reason why I usually have mud smeared on my dress and fur on my socks. She’s Assistant Manager of this blog, but to be honest, she hasn’t even got up to the tea-making stage yet. I know. Sigh.

Beatrix – or Bea as she’s known to all – was in turn named after my heroine… you guessed it – Beatrix Potter.

Ms. Potter was a truly accomplished lady in the spheres of literature, art and conservation, as well as being a prolific letter-writer. Her talents correspond with so many of the things in life that I value, and I like to think that were she alive today, she’d be quite the supporter of blogging.

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