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Tea with Miss Beatrix is a creative lifestyle blog, celebrating crafts, the British countryside and life’s simple pleasures

It started with… a desire to write about my interests and observations, my makes and my bakes. I did this in a small way, on a Blogger blog, in February 2012.

It grew with… big dreams for small projects, a wish to use my blog to develop ideas that would allow me to share my passion for craft and creativity with others.

Today… Tea With Miss Beatrix is the home of two projects…

You can read more by clicking through to each project’s own page.

{So here we are. This is a blog for serial crafters and lovers of handmade, for those who would rather spend their days striding through fields with the wind in their hair than being stuck behind a desk at work. This is a blog for seekers of stories, for those who believe in the awesome power of the imagination, and that a good cup of tea and [more than one] Jammy Dodger cure most ills.  Here we demand creativity without fear, and bring light to others through small acts of paper thoughtfulness.}

                  ~Join me on the voyage.



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