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A Pop Up Virtual Shop Event!


It’s been a quiet year for craft fairs at Miss Beatrix, with life being so busy and all, so I’m doing just the one before the clock ticks over into 2015, and I intend to go all out. Even better, I am sharing my humble plot with the talented crochet genius, Adele of Nice Things By Adele. Even better than that – we have made a few collaborative pieces, teaming my handmade, hand illustrated buttons with her splendid crochet to make some special one offs. And even better than that …. we decided to hold an online pop up shop at the same time as holding our real life one.

Basket of Roses


What?! Yes, we are like slightly eccentric but very enthusiastic Christmas elves.

So, the event is this Saturday, December 6th. If you fancy coming along to our real life stall you’ll find us, slightly tipsy on glogg, at Julefest at St. Clifford’s C of E School on Psalter Lane, Sheffield. And if you’re anywhere else in the whole world and want to get in on the exciting buttony, woolly action you’ll find us here too. All you have to do is comment, and we’ll send you an invoice. Simple!

Knitting buttons

No doubt we’ll be annoying you senseless with lots of pictures on social media on the day. I can’t wait to show you my Annie Sloan-ed whatnot. Ooh er.

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See you there!

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